Opting for a Kashmir & Ladakh Tour Package? Follow the Key guidelines

Are you planning a trip to the Himalayan ranges this summer? Did you opt for a Kashmir and Ladakh tour? You must be very excited then, isn’t it? But wait; are you aware of the vital considerations? Well, it’s only when you follow the guidelines can you have a safe travel.

Everyone wants to make their trip memorable. Just the way the valleys, lakes, gardens, trees connect to the tourists so does the rules and regulations. Its only when you keep the vital tourist guidelines in your mind, can you have a delightful experience of visiting Kashmir and Ladakh. It is here that the need of proper planning comes into the picture. Further, a properly planned trip helps you to avoid problems and have a safe stay during your trip.

Kashmir Tour

Are you wondering how to find these key guidelines? Fret not. Simply scroll down to know what you should keep in mind while planning your tour to Kashmir and Ladakh.

Things To Consider While Planning For Your Kashmir & Ladakh Tour Package

  1. Opt for the correct season

Both Kashmir and Ladakh enjoy a pleasant weather and this is why most tourists visit the places during summer and spring. In case you have immense love for the winter season, you can plan your trip accordingly to witness the snow and cold. Thus, choose your tour package as per your suitability.

  1. Carry your Identification proof

Ensure that you carry all the necessary documents along with your identification proof. Keep multiple copies of your Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport or Voter ID card. For travelling to interior parts like Pangong Tso, you will be asked to submit copies of your ID proof at various checkpoints.

Ladakh Tour

  1. Get in touch with a reliable travel agent

Why arrange things all by yourself when you have experts to help you with your trip? For experiencing a comfortable trip, free from any hassle, you should get in touch with a reliable travel agency and inquire about their Kashmir & Ladakh tour package. Check the places they will be covering during the trip and the facilities they will be offering. This will help you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

  1. Consider your medical supplies

Medical supplies are a must for any and every trip. If you are on prior medication, consider having extra supplies in case there are any delays. Start gathering these essential medicines prior to a week before you leave. Further, carry medicines which will help you to control an emergency situation before getting expert help.

  1. Check your finances

It is always advisable to carry sufficient money with you while visiting an unknown place. Without relying on your credit cards completely, it is wise to keep extra cash. With enough ATMs all around the cities, you can be assured of your finances. However, beware of pickpockets.

Once you are well-aware of these considerations, you are all set to plan for your Kashmir and Ladakh trip. So what are you still thinking of? Get in touch with travel agencies and plan your upcoming trip to the paradise on Earth.


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