7 Unique Places To Visit In Uttarakhand We Bet You Were Not Aware Of

Uttarakhand, the land of the gods, offers more places of scenic beauty than you think. The exotic experience one can gather by visiting those places can actually create memories for life. If you are a tourist visiting the state and willing to quench your thirst for unconventional destinations in Uttrakhand, make sure not to miss those unique places to visit.

Remember To Include These Offbeat Places In Your Uttarakhand Tour Package

  • Binsar

This place is abundant with scenes of natural beauty and has almost no connection with our automated and stereotypical lifestyle. Make sure to visit Binsar located in the Jhandi Dhar Hills if you are willing to lose yourself among nature. Being situated among a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, it’s rich in fauna.


  • Munsiyari

This Himalayan paradise is covered with snow during the winter and is preferred by numerous hikers, mountaineers, and explorers. If you are an adventure lover, makes sure to visit Munsiyari and get spoilt for choices. There are numerous places for trekking like Kalika Pass, Milam, or Khalia Top.

  • Lansdowne

Visit this place if you are willing to reconnect with yourself. Being completely devoid of today’s urban life, Lansdowne offers you the golden opportunity to establish a unique connection with nature. The place indeed has the spiritual power to purify your mind and soul. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the glittering water in Bhulla Taal.

  • Chakrata

This hill station can fill your mind with peace and comfort as it offers you numerous places to explore. The Tiger Falls in Chakrata is 312 feet high and is almost like a gift for anyone visiting Uttarakhand, you just need to undertake a 5 km trek. Deoban, being situated just 16 km away from Chakrata offers a splendid view of the Himalayan ranges.


  • Peora

If you are more of a traveller than a tourist, visit this extremely beautiful place filled with numerous samples of nature’s beauty. It is situated at a height of 6600 km in the Siwaliks so visit this place if you want to spend some peaceful time in solitude. Simply take a taxi ride from Kathgodam to reach this paradise.

  • Khirsu

A 12-hour car ride is all it takes to reach this beautiful hill station from Delhi. The Garhwal town offers you a majestic view of the Himalayan ranges. There is an element of mystery in the forest which compels every tourist visiting Uttarakhand to include it in their Uttarakhand Tour Package.


  • Bhimtal

If you have a love for photography, Bhimtal is simply the place for you. The lake situated in the Nainital district is a mere reflection of serenity. Many treat it to be an aquarium with an island in the centre. Simply opt for boating in the Bhimtal Lake and catch a glimpse of numerous migratory birds.

Uttarakhand is indeed a magical land filled with numerous mystical places to visit. Opt for a tour package and fulfil your desire to explore nature’s abundant beauty.


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